Custom T-Shirt & Memory Quilts

Bloom where you are planted

Welcome to REgnA’s Bloom. I am sure you are wondering what REgnA’s Bloom stands for. Well, it stands for me, Angellina Ribordy. Once upon a time, I loved to paint, draw and in general create beautiful things. And when I did I would sign each piece “AngE”. Then I got married and added the “R”. Turn it around and you have REgnA. That’s me!


Bloom can mean several things. Like the beautiful flower from our garden that my daughter took a picture of that is on each page of this website. Or Bloom can mean a flourish, something showy. We all need to be a little showy now and then. But the Bloom I was looking for was a covering, like the patina that covers copper when it is used and loved for years. Like the beautiful quilts that will cover you and will be used and loved for years.


So, many years later, I still love to create beautiful things. I love to make quilts to remember all those wonderful times that we do not wish to forget.
A beautiful memory.


Please contact me if you have any questions


Bloom where you are planted,

Angellina Ribordy






Mini Throw

- 9 Blocks -



- 15 to 23 Blocks -



- 31 to 35 Blocks -



- 10 to 14 Blocks -


Full & Large Twin

- 24 to 30 Blocks -



- 36 to 42 Blocks -